domingo, 24 de agosto de 2008

Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse [Remasterizado]

Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse

Año: 1994 [Remasterizado en 1999]
Tamaño: 83,4 Mb
Estilo: Black Metal/Symphonic Black Metal
Pais: Noruega
Tema Lírico: Satanism (old), Nature, Mythology, Mysticism
Discografica: Candlelight Records

1. Intro
2. Into The Infinity Of Thoughts
3. The Burning Shadows Of Silence
4. Cosmic Keys To My Creations & Times
5. Beyond The Great Vast Forest
6. Towards the Pantheon
7. The Majesty Of The Nightsky
8. I Am The Black Wizards
9. Inno A Satana

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