martes, 30 de diciembre de 2008

Cynthia Witthoft - You Think You Kwon Me?

You Think You Know Me?

Año: 2005
Tamaño: 75 MB
Pais: Polonia
Estilo: Extreme Metal / Instrumental Metal
Bit Rate: 128 Kbps

01 There's Only One Demon and Jehovah Is His Messenger
02 Bucefalus & Incitatus Are Moshing in Gehenna
03 Seven Steps to Death
04 Never Let Me Go
05 Thrilling Female Anal Sphincter
06 Back to the Future
07 Wolfish Zoophilia
08 Lizzie Borden
09 Let's Rape and Pillage USA
10 Uninvited Blues
11 You Think You Know Me?
12 Salome's Head Collection
13 A Big Black Dick Makes Me Feel So Good Inside!
14 Soul Distortion
15 Mary Ann Cotton
16 Lysergic Extreme Metal
17 The Suicide Note by Wendy O. Williams
18 Canadian Pink Blood
19 Book Lungs
20 The Early Punk Years I
21 Epilogue: Grace Marks
22 The Early Punk Years II


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