domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2008

Last Days Of Humanity - Sounds Of Rancid Juices Slashing Around Your Coffin

Sounds Of Rancid Juices Slashing Around Your Coffin

Año: 1998
Tamaño: 31 MB
Pais: Holanda
Estilo: Goregrind / Grindcore / Brutal Death Metal
Tema Lírico: Muerte, Holocausto, Misantropía, Gore, Tortura
Bit Rate: 128 Kbps
Discografica: Indie

1 Born to murder the world
2 Necrotic eruption
3 Entangled in septic gore
4 Slithering limbs
5 Cannibalistic remains
6 Hacked into red mush
7 Putrid mass of burnt excrement
8 The smell of the dead
9 Rancid cottered rectum
10 Blood spattered chainsaw slaughter
11 Submassive obliteration
12 Septic convulsion
13 The sound of rancid juices sloshing around your coffin
14 Liquidized disgirgement
15 Putrefying immortality
16 Carnal tumor
17 Consumed in gore
18 Drowned in septic guts
19 Cadaver breath
20 Excremental carnage
21 Maliignant haemorrhage
22 Mucupurulent carnage
23 Pro-rectal fermentation
24 A reeking pile of septic brainfluid

25 Disembowelment of scattered gastric pieces
26 Festering fungus infection


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